My name is Yevheniy Lishchuk.

I come from Ukraine, Khmelnitsky province. Since 1999 I live in Poland. During the last 15 years I have mastered the Polish language skills, written and verbal. In addition to Ukrainian and Russian I consider Polish as my third mother language.

I consider language translations not strictly as work, but also as a passion, which is probably the most important thing - doing what I love and enjoying it at the same time.

I have been working as a translator since 2006. Examples of my work include:


  • „Tajemnice Podświadomośc”  by W. Sinielnikow
  • „Siła Zamiaru” by W. Sinielnikow
  • „Zima na Majorce” by George Sand
  • „Wszystko o cudach świata” by S. Radielov
  • „Wszystko o orgiami” by S. Afonkin, E. Afonkina

and thousands of pages of technical and specialized translations, hundreds of various agreements, contracts, certificates, a few dozens of websites and hundreds of hours of interpreting.


I worked for: